Demand letters for PI cases – why are they important and what should be included

The importance of a demand letter

The purpose of the Demand Letter in personal injury cases is to present facts about the accident or incident and injuries, an overview of the medical treatment, and a listing of the medical bills and expenses, with the objective of convincing the at-fault party’s insurance company to settle the case.

Typically, claims for personal injuries are vigorously defended by insurance companies. A well-crafted demand letter and package is the key to setting the context for obtaining an often-elusive pre-suit settlement. A powerful demand letter can help you settle the case for top-dollar before protracted and costly litigation.

A Well-Drafted Demand Letter for Personal Injury Cases includes

  • A summary of the incident along with available photos.
  • An overview of the injuries sustained.
  • An overview of the ailments due to the injuries.
  • Summary of the medical bills and expenses.
  • The ICD codes contained in the medical records.
  • A summary of anticipated future medical expenses.
  • Any other losses sustained such as loss of income with relevant documentation to substantiate it.
  • The monetary amount demanded.

How AcroDocz can assist you in the preparation of a demand letter

At AcroDocz, we specialize in preparing the portion of a draft demand letter that contains information regarding medical treatment, medical bills, and expenses. Additionally, if the medical records include the facts and circumstances of the accident, or if a police report is provided to us, we can include in the draft demand letter a narrative overview of the facts and liability.  The draft is then handed over to the law firm to review, update as needed, and finalize.

AcroDocz offers the following benefits

  • Deployment of highly skilled professionals working on the preparation of the medical portion of the demand letter.
  • Professionals, including, medical billing coders, who review the medical bills and expenses, calculate the amount incurred, and list the ICD codes.
  • Focus on helping you achieve settlements out-of-court and pre-litigation while reducing law firm costs.

Law firms invest a significant amount of resources on each employee, including, hiring and training, and overhead costs. Outsourcing to AcroDocz the preparation of demand letters can save your law firms money, while also improving the quality of the demand letters and turnaround time.

If you would like to utilize our services or have any questions, please contact us at (786) 633-3100 or

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