Personal Injury

we are able to help you get high-quality medical-legal documentation, achieve cost efficiencies, and improve turn-around time.

With high volumes of medical records to be reviewed, lawyers handling Personal Injury cases need to clearly understand the nature of the injury, the extent of damages, and estimates of the costs/damages. The attorney needs to invest a significant amount of time in analyzing the case.

Through a team of medical-legal professionals, we sift a large number of medical records and bills, organized these records into chronological summaries, and provide the medical evidence that you need to support your claims for damages. With investments in processes and systems, we are able to help you get high-quality medical-legal documentation, achieve cost efficiencies, and improve turn-around time.

Types of Personal Injury Cases Supported

We support the following types of injuries:

  • Back injuries, e.g., caused by lifting heavy or awkward objects at a factory.
  • Traumatic brains injuries / head injuries, e.g., road accidents, physical assault, sports.
  • Hand/wrist injuries, e.g., carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Ear injuries, e.g., noise-induced deafness.
  • Whiplash, e.g., car accident.
  • Psychiatric injuries, e.g., stress, workplace bullying, sexual assault, accident.
  • Leg injuries, e.g., sports, cycling accidents, slips, trips, falls.
  • Eye injuries, e.g., car accident, chemical splashes, sports, physical assault.
  • Arm injuries, e.g., slip and fall, sports, car accident.
  • Pedestrian injuries.
  • Motor Vehicle accidents.
  • Dog Bites.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder, e.g., motor vehicle accident, assault, construction accident.

Services Provided to Support Personal Injury Cases

  • Dedicated Medical Records Reviewers. We provide dedicated medical records reviewers to help attorneys get powerful summaries of medical records structured in a chronological manner.
  • Improved Quality and Turnaround time. We help attorneys reduce the time spent in identifying the right cases, i.e., screening the case, getting focused information on each case’s history, and provide multiple types of documents to improve the chances of settlement.
  • Improve success rates and get higher settlements. Estimating the nature and extent of damages requires clear supporting evidences in the form or powerful summaries, narratives, demand letters, and more. The complex process requires focused time and attention from attorneys. As a partner to lawyers, we sift through mountains of medical records to provide concise and fact-based documentation to improve your success rate.

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