Medical Narrative Summaries

As a medico-legal case moves from depositions to court trials, the number of documents involved increases significantly.

A Medical Narrative Summary is a concise yet compelling report that provides a summary of all the medical treatment in a manner that is easy to understand. It requires expertise, and therefore, outsourcing is common. A Medical Narrative Summary allows an attorney to better focus on other important aspects of a case, such as proving liability, causation and damages.

What are Medical Narrative Summaries?

A Medical Narrative Summary is an account of the flow of events in a patient’s medical history. They help an attorney evaluate a case, or assist in trying to settle a case, or are used to prepare for a deposition or prepare for trial.

What is included in Medical Narrative Summaries?

The following components are included in our Medical Narrative Summaries

  1. The flow of events.All relevant events in a patient’s medical history are set forth chronologically. The activities related to the current case are highlighted.
  1. How the events occurred.The narrative summary’s chronological format helps establish the sequence of events to support the case. This is used for the determination of the causation for an injury or medical event.
  1. Laboratory Test Findings.The Medical Narrative Summary includes lab test findings to help the attorney understand, ascertain, or establish the strength of a case. The findings could determine whether a medication or substance caused, contributed, or exacerbated an injury.
  1. Treatments the patient has undergone.The Medical Narrative Summary also contains a list of all treatments that the patient has undergone. Our team prepares a comprehensive list to help identify the need for the treatment and the impact it had on the patient’s medical condition. In medical malpractice cases, we help identify any wrongful treatments that were administered to the patient.
  1. Previous or on-going medical conditions of the patient.Our team documents and reviews any pre-existing conditions to enable the attorney to evaluate whether there was an exacerbation of any pre-existing condition, whether it contributed to the patient’s current injury, or whether it was overlooked by a doctor when providing treatment resulting in medical malpractice.
  1. Previous or on-going medications taken by the patient.A Medical Narrative Summary could analyze if the patient has taken any medications in the past which could have led to the current medical condition, or whether the interaction between medications has caused harm, or if the side effects of medications contributed to a condition.
  1. Patient’s demographic and vital information.The patient’s personal information, such as her or his age, gender, height, and weight, and any other personal or identifying information that may be needed or requested by the attorney, are also included in the summary.


Our Approach

Our team has experience in preparing powerful summaries of records for patients involved in varying types of incidents, including but not limited to, motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, burns, dog bites, assault, emotional and sexual harassment, falls, and construction accidents. We create narrative summaries that capture and highlight all the major events that define the course of a case including, diagnostic procedures, office visits and consultations, therapy visits, and other pertinent medical records in chronological order.

The Narrative Summary will focus on all the injuries sustained due to the accident and the pre-existing injuries that were exacerbated or aggravated due to the accident.

  • Narrative summaries are prepared by our team, which includes RNs and MDs.
  • Includes all the information in a narrative storytelling format.
  • These summaries are perfect for deposition as well as demand letter preparation.
  • Additional reports for medications and other investigations can be added.
  • Each Summary can be tailored to individual requirements or needs, and is delivered based on an attorney’s request either in WORD or PDF format.
  • PDF Summaries can be obtained with additional services, such as:
    • Hyperlinks– Allows you to navigate to a medical record quickly
    • Bookmarks – Allows the document to be organized as per user-defined categories
  • Through our team of experts based in India, we are able to provide predictably high-quality narrative summaries.

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