Mass Tort

Mass Tort is civil action suits involving a large number of plaintiffs against one or more defendants in a state or federal court.

Mass Tort cases are filed against one or more defendants by a group of plaintiffs. These plaintiffs are affected by the same harm caused directly or indirectly by the actions of the defendant. Often, mass tort cases are brought due to harm caused by medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs, toxic contamination, etc. Each plaintiff’s claim may be resolved or settled differently based on the level of injury.

To bring a mass tort lawsuit, the attorney or law firm should be able to identify similar or identical injuries in all plaintiffs. Discovery of the primary injury caused can be the key to prevailing in a mass tort case. Unfortunately, finding the evidence or information can be strenuous and time-consuming, as it involves sifting through mountains of obscure medical records. In most cases, a significant amount of manpower is spent on reviewing voluminous medical records.

Medical Records Retrieval and Review for Mass Tort Cases:

Retrieval and review of medical records for Mass Tort cases requires personnel who have the expertise, as it is a multifaceted process. The steps involved in retrieving and review of the medical records include:

  • Requesting medical records and bills from multiple doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers;.
  • Tracking responses for the requested information;
  • Following up with the providers to ensure that all records are timely produced;
  • Collecting and organizing the information received;
  • Reviewing the medical records; and,
  • Summarizing the key points on the injuries and harm caused by the defendant.

The process of retrieving and reviewing medical records for mass tort cases can be complicated given a large number of plaintiffs and the severity of the injuries, which may require treatment by various physicians at multiple locations. Even a firm with a considerable amount of in-house staff would require spending an extensive amount of labor on the tasks associated with the retrieval and review of medical records.

How can Outsourcing medical records retrieval and review help?

Outsourcing medical records retrieval and review for Mass Tort cases allows law firms to focus on other important case-related-tasks, such as investigating and proving liability, causation, and damages. Outsourcing the grueling tasks associated with medical records to a team of experts can help save both costs and time associated with addressing and managing voluminous medical documentation. Our team provides an accurate summary of the relevant medical events in a chronological order with hyperlinks to the records. We can also provide a first or second medical opinion from a doctor on any issue in the case.

Mass Tort cases can be complex and extremely difficult to manage, but if prepared and litigated efficiently, they can be successful, and result in a satisfactory resolution for the clients, and an award of fees for the law firm or attorney.

Mass Tort litigation could be labor-intensive and cost-prohibitive. AcroDocz comprises of a team which includes record retrievers and reviewers, as well as nurses and doctors who are adept at developing effective Medical Chronologies & Medical Narrative Summaries that highlight the key points in a mass tort case. Our team offers you the scale and necessary expertise to review large volumes of medical records, thereby helping you reduce the costs of Mass Tort litigation.

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