Organizing Medical Records – Three Reasons to look at Outsourcing

Organizing medical records, a crucial process in any personal injury, malpractice, or mass tort case, can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. Outsourcing the retrieval, organizing, and summarizing of these medical records can offer a cost-effective solution to law firms. This enables law firm staff to focus on key competencies, such as investigating claims and preparing the case for litigation. Outsourcing, unlike self-organizing, is not time-consuming, facilitates the building of a strong case, and reduces costs.

Here are some of the reasons why outsourcing medical records is advantageous

1.Get medical record retrieval and summary services from experienced individuals

Businesses that provide medical records management services employ a team of medical record retrievers, medical record reviewers, medical coders, and billers who come with years of experience. They are trained to provide quality and on-point summaries of medical records and bills with 100% accuracy. By leveraging their expertise in preparing for cases, you will be able to get concise and clear summaries of the chronology of events in the client’s medical history quickly. Convert these labor-intensive processes into a competitive advantage by employing an experienced team.

2. Adherence to HIPAA and other guidelines

Every healthcare provider requires a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant authorization signed by the client to provide permission for the release and use of her or his personal medical information. Retrieving records is a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Records retrieving companies understand the regulatory framework and follow a streamlined, iterative process to obtain records. Furthermore, the in-house information security processes of these service providers are often much better than law firms’ internal security controls – with most of the service providers having accreditations such as ISO 27001. 

3. Efficient and Cost-Effective 

Outsourced medical records review and summary gives law firms a better quality output which makes search and access to highly complex medical information easy as well as secure. The labor arbitrage opportunity associated with outsourcing can help law firms reduce costs by as much as 50%. By hiring an experienced team through an outsource partner not only can law firms significantly reduce costs but get a customized solution that improves the quality and effectiveness of a case strategy..  What’s more, you can get access to a workforce that is available round-the-clock.

Retrievingorganizing, and summarizing medical information can be one of the hardest parts of litigation preparation for law  firms. The ability to convert huge volumes of medical records to compelling arguments in the courtroom requires strong knowledge of medical terminology and understanding of causes and impact of medication. By getting access to these skills through an outsourced partner, Attorneys can devote more time to case preparation, which in turn paves the way for  favorable settlements or prevailing at trial.

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