Law Firms

We help law firms improve settlement rates through fact-basedmedical-legal documentation.

We help law firms improve settlement rates through fact-based medical-legal documentation.

With expertise in a wide range of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, and Mass Tort cases, we bring the expertise you need to win complex cases that require you to sift through voluminous medical records. As a partner to law firms, we reduce the cost of litigation, enable you to get high-quality summaries to base your case on, and improve the success rate of cases.


Our skilled medical records reviews are supported by a team of specialty-specific physicians to address all aspects of medical-legal documentation.

  • Medical Records Management. We sift through huge volumes of medical records and bills and help you screen cases, summarize medical records, get expert medical review/opinion, and get support in medical documentation throughout the process of litigation.
  • Reduce litigation costs. We reduce costs by screening cases and utilizing offshore teams to get high-quality medical documentation to support the case.
  • End-to-end expertise.Get expertise on a broad spectrum of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, and Mass Tort cases.

Benefits offered to law firms.

  • Expertise in medical documentation.
    • Well-organized medical records summaries and narratives to help you form your position and arguments for litigation.
    • With compelling narrative summaries organized in a chronological manner, you can navigate to the highlights of the case quickly.
    • We identify critical medical issues.
    • Causation issues identified, damages/injuries medically assessed, and contributing factors are identified.
    • Efficient and effective deposition summaries
  • Reduced Costs
    • Typically, law firms that handle medical records must spend time, effort, and resources on numerous tasks relating to records, including requesting, obtaining, assembling, sorting, indexing, reviewing, and summarizing the records. This is time consuming and costly, whether it is completed by an attorney, paralegal, law clerk, or administrative staff. The costs to the law firm, in addition to the salary paid to the employee, includes overhead (space, equipment, etc.), taxes and benefits. In addition, training an employee in the skill sets needed to assemble and review the records, including teaching medical terminology and technological skills, or hiring someone who has such knowledge, is costly. We have a large experienced team with medical and technical backgrounds that is able to efficiently and succinctly task associated with the records. Therefore, whether your firm is small or large, AcroDoczcan give you a competitive edge.
  • Quality and Diligence
    • We help you identify missing records, duplicate records, records that have been tampered with.
    • Robust quality assurance processes with a review of all cases by trained medical records reviewers, RNs, or specialty-specific physicians.
  • Medical Expertise
    • We are backed by a panel of independent physicians across numerous specialties.
    • We conduct detailed research through available medical literature to support the case and improve the strength of the case.