AcroDocz provides an even playing field for Personal Injury attorneys and their clients

Published: Jan. 18, 2022 at 4:44 p.m. ET / /

If someone is hurt in an accident, most often they will hire a personal injury attorney to try to get compensation from the person or business that was at fault. Right from the get-go, the injured person and their attorney will be at a disadvantage if they are going up against an insurance company because insurance companies have deep pockets. The top five auto insurance companies in the U.S., Geico, Progressive, State Farm, Allstate, and USAA, are all Fortune 500 companies. They can and will spare no expense in trying to get out of paying or limit the amount they must pay.

Medical records play a big role in every accident case. The records show the injuries suffered because of the accident, and insurance companies rely on the records in making decisions about the case. Insurance companies will either hire doctors or nurses to review and summarize the records or maintain qualified in-house staff to complete the work. Most insurance claims examiners who evaluate cases do not have any experience in medicine and are given limited training. Without a summary of the records, the examiners don’t have a good understanding of what is contained in the records.

Like claims examiners, many personal injury attorneys don’t have experience or a background in medicine. Until recently, if an attorney wanted a review and summary of medical records, they had to pay a medical professional or hire someone with experience in medicine to prepare it. Both alternatives are costly. Insurance companies exploit their advantage when it comes to medical records, however, now personal injury attorneys can equally be empowered with their own comprehensive medical record summary from AcroDocz.

AcroDocz ( is a company that specializes in retrieving, reviewing and summarizing medical records and bills for attorneys nationwide. AcroDocz’s affordable pricing levels the playing field for attorneys and their clients, and allows them to compete with insurance companies and seek the highest amount of compensation. Now, thanks to AcroDocz, the insurance companies no longer have the upper hand.

In many cases, the personal injury attorney sends to the insurance company a demand letter containing an overview of the accident and injuries, a breakdown of the bills and expenses, and a formal request for compensation. AcroDocz can take the records and bills and turn them into a draft demand letter that is ready to be sent to the insurance company. The demand letter preparation services offered by AcroDocz allows personal injury attorneys to turn a pile of records into a claim for compensation from an insurance company. If someone has suffered an injury they may wish to ask their attorney if they use AcroDocz.


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