Medical Record Retrieval and Review Services

Organized medical records summaries that help you settle cases and claims faster.

Medico-Legal Services Overview

Comprehensive Medico-Legal Solutions

Acrodocz’s team includes seasoned professionals with in-depth clinical knowledge so that you get unparalleled medico-legal services with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

We understand that one of the least productive tasks for your paralegals and attorneys is to review and translate the massive pile of medical data into digestible information to substantiate your claims.

Accuracy of medical information contained in records and bills can be critical to your claims and the success of the case.
Let Acrodocz review and develop complex medical information into a concise summary or report, or present it in a format that your firm can submit to the insurer, a court, or jury. ,

Improve Results. Do more with your Cases.

With extensive experience in personal injury, medical malpractice, and other tort cases, we offer concise and accurate medical records management solutions to help you improve case success rates.

Our Expertise.

Medical Records Summary and Report

Acrodocz will assemble, review, and summarize the medical records in chronological order. The medical summary (also commonly referred to as a medical chronology, medical timeline, medical review, or medical report) will assist your firm during the pre-litigation stage, settlement negotiations, and trial practice. The summary provides a brief narrative so that the reader can easily understand the scope and extent of the medical treatment. We can provide the summary in a report or table format. We also provide analysis and summary of medical bills that were incurred in order to support a claim for monetary damages.

Medical Records Retrieval

Acrodocz will request and obtain all the medical records your firm needs from any healthcare provider. After we make the request, we will follow-up with the provider until all of the records are received. All we need to begin retrieving records for your firm is a signed HIPAA compliant medical authorization form and the names of the healthcare providers.

Medical Records Services for Your Expert

Acrodocz will assemble, index, and summarize medical records for your expert so that the expert can minimize the time spent on document management and instead focus on analyzing the contents of the records, which is what you hired the expert to do.

Other Record Related Services

Acrodocz can provide any medical records related service that your firm needs, including:

  • Cataloging or indexing each medical record in your possession
  • Ensuring that there are medical records to match each provider bill and vice versa
  • Hyperlinking the summary to the records to facilitate easy navigation
  • De-identifying protected health information (PHI) from medical records
  • Assembling medication lists.

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