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What is a Medical Chronology?

A Medical Chronology is a report that provides a concise, factual, and informative summary of the patient’s medical treatment. As attorneys, you juggle multiple cases. Sifting through huge volumes of medical records can be time-consuming. Our team is experienced in reviewing and analyzing medical records and creating custom chronologies. Attorneys can use a Medical Chronology to understand what happened to the client and the extent of the injuries and medical treatment. In addition, the Medical Chronology can be provided to the insurance carrier as tool to aid in settlement of a claim pre-suit. If settlement cannot be achieved pre-suit, the Medical Chronology can be used in litigation, such as to prepare for a deposition or trial.

Components of a Medical Chronology

  • A short narrative of every relevant medical encounter and treatment.
  • The records of a hospital visit or stay and subsequent treatment by physicians and physical therapists are summarized, along with the results of diagnostic testing and imaging.
  • The treating medical provider’s comments regarding the causation of the injuries, prognosis, and permanency are included in a medical summary.
  • Highlights of any major events are set forth.
  • We can also include a summary of the medical bills and expenses.
  • It is customized to suit your needs.

A separate letter to the attorney points out the missing records, red flags, and any records that may not be relevant to the claim. Our medical summaries are enhanced with tables and charts, and include hyperlinks to the records.

Our Process and Features of a Chronology

  • Sorting and categorization of medical records.
  • Creating a thorough text-based medical record summary that is easy-to-understand, presented chronologically, and highlighting the critical aspects of the record.
  • Yellow highlights to focus on the critical areas of the records summary.
  • Option to add highlighted notes or post-its.
  • Accurate capture of the date of each record, procedures, treatments, and other custom data fields.
  • Duplicate records are deleted, and a log is created of the deleted records.
  • Can be delivered in WORD format or PDF format.
  • PDF format includes options for:
    • Hyperlinks for quick navigation to the source pages.
    • Bookmarking to index by user-defined keywords or categories.
    • Definitions of medical terms.
    • Identification and highlight of statements by the client about the accident.

Benefits of a Chronology

  • Reduction in the time spent by the reviewer by over 60%.
  • Reduction of time allows attorneys to focus on other important case related matters, including, proving liability, causation and damages.
  • Created by experienced medical records reviewers; in addition, we have doctors and nurses on our team and professionals with medical coding certification.
  • Focused and accurate summaries that allow for a full understanding of all treatment.
  • Custom reports that can be easily understood.

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