Who We Help?

Law firm of all sizes, from solo practitioners to large firms.

AcroDocz provides medical records related services for law firms, consultants, and experts. Our services include the retrieval, assembly, review, and summary of medical records and bills.  Our team includes professionals with significant experience and knowledge of medical records and bills. With a library of templates and tools, we can provide medical records summaries in different formats, and assure our clients the high-quality documentation to assist in pursuing a claim or civil action.

Information Security and Compliance

We maintain the highest standard of information security and HIPAA compliance.  Our facilities are certified under the ISO 27001 system for information security and all our employees are trained on HIPAA Compliance

Our Clients

  • Law firms of all sizes, from solo practitioners to large firms.
  • Medical-legal consultants, including RNs and MDs.
  • Doctors retained by law firms as experts.

How do our clients benefit?

Our clients can improve litigation success rates, reduce costs of medical records retrieval and summary development, improve process quality, and turnaround time.

  • Improve Litigation Success Rates
    • Medical records are reviewed and summarized in an accurate, timely, and orderly manner.
    • The medical records summaries are delivered in an easy to use format, with definitions of medical terms, and hyperlinks to the records.
    • Accurate review and calculation of medical bills to ensure that a demand for an award of damages is maximized.
  • Strong Processes to retrieve medical records
    • Process-driven retrieval of medical records and bills to ensure that all records are obtained and assembled.
    • Follow-up with the medical providers to ensure that records and bills are timely produced.
    • Identify missing records and bills and retrieve the records to ensure that all critical case-related records are obtained.
  • Reduce Costs by over 50%
    • The reduction of law firm costs, including costs associated with staffing (salary, overhead, etc.) and training.
    • The reduction of time spent by lawyers and paralegals on medical records-related tasks, which allows them to focus on other important case-related matters, including, proving liability, causation, and damages.
  • Staff Capabilities
    • Medical coders are available for review and analysis of bills.
    • Nurses and doctors available for review of medical records.
    • A large staff is available to handle any size project.