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AcroMed Report™

Get organized medical files and factual summaries in easy-to-use formats for your attorneys.

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Seasoned Medico-Legal Professionals

Easy-to-use Summaries. Prepared by Experts.

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Experience Offshore Advantage

Skilled Medical Experts. Substantial cost reduction. Quick Turnaround. High Accuracy.

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Retrieval of Medical Records

Get medical records and bills, as well as periodic follow-up with the medical provider to obtain updated records.

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Organized Medical Docz

Acrodocz employs a team with expertise in retrieving, assembling, reviewing, and summarizing medical records and bills. We support law firms by handling all medical records-related tasks, thereby allowing attorneys to focus on other very important case-related matters, such as proving liability, causation, and damages. AcroDocz is equipped to immediately handle any size project for a small, mid-sized, or large law firm. Our team works within a secure facility and adheres to the highest level of security and confidentiality in order to safeguard your client’s records and privacy.

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Personal Injury Medical Records Summaries and Reports


Retrieval, Assembly and Organization of Medical Records

Cases We Support

With high volumes of medical records to be reviewed, lawyers handling personal injury cases need to clearly understand the nature of the injury and medical treatment, the extent of the harm and damages, and estimates of the future costs. The attorneys needs to invest a significant amount of time in retrieving and reviewing the records, drafting a case summaries, drafting demand letters, preparing for litigation, and more.

Through a team of professionals, we retrieve the medical records, review the records, draft chronological summaries that provide an overview of the records, review the bills and provide the evidence that you need to support your claims for damages. With investments in processes and systems, we are able to provide your firm with high-quality medical records-related services, achieve cost efficiencies, and improve turn-around time.

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Mass Tort is a type of civil action involving a large number of plaintiffs against one or more defendants in a state or federal court. These cases could be brought as a result of harm caused by a prescription drug, a medical device, a defective product, a train accident, a plane crash, pollution, or a construction disaster.

Typically, the categories of mass torts include

  • Medical device injuries.
  • Prescription drug injuries.
  • Product liability injuries.
  • Toxic contamination.

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Medical Malpractice cases require specialty-specific expertise. The Medical Opinion on the cases could vary between experts. From performing initial reviews of medical records and standard of care to supporting the lawyers through the chain of complex medical-legal documentation to support the case, we provide an end-to-end service for Medical Malpractice lawyers and firms.

Our team includes medical records analysts who understand medical terminology and have experience in all specialties. While the physicians provide a medical opinion to help attorneys substantiate the claim or malpractice, the medical records reviewers assists them and the attorneys sift through the complex maze of medical records. In addition, we have physicians available for review of the records and to provide an opinion.

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Why AcroDocz

Medical Records Solutions

We provide medical records solutions to small, mid-sized, or large law firms.

Highly Trained Staff

Our staff has expertise in and received training on retrieving, reviewing, and summarizing medical records.

Highest Quality

We provide the highest quality medical records support services that will save your firm money, time, and effort.


We are HIPAA and HITECH compliant, and our staff follows strict rules-based security protocols.

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