Medico-legal consultants

As an outsourced service provider to medico-legal consultants.

As an outsourced service provider to medico-legal consultants, we provide them with the ability to:

  • Handle a large number of medical records.
  • Prepare medical chronologies and event timelines.
  • Screen cases.
  • Provide documentation support throughout the litigation process.
  • Provide staffing on-demand, including medical records reviewers as well as specialty-specific physicians.

Trust your medical records with our HIPAA compliant offshore team and reduce costs as well as turnaround of the litigation support you provide to your clients.

Benefits offered to Medico-Legal Consultants

  • Expertise in medical documentation
    • Well-organized medical records summaries and narratives to help form positions and arguments for litigation.
    • With compelling narrative summaries organized chronologically, you can navigate to the highlights of the case quickly.
    • We identify critical medical issues.
    • Causation issues identified, damages/injuries medically assessed, and contributing factors are identified.
    • Efficient and effective deposition summaries
  • Reduced Costs
    • We perform case screening analysis for the merit of the case and reduce the administrative burden by helping you screen and choose the right plaintiffs.
  • Quality and Diligence
    • We help you identify missing records, duplicate records, and records that have been tampered with.
    • Robust quality assurance processes with a review of all cases by trained medical records reviewers, RNs, or specialty-specific physicians.
  • Medical Expertise
    • We are backed by a panel of independent physicians across numerous specialties.
    • We conduct detailed research through available medical literature to support the case and improve the strength of the case.