Medical Billing Codes In PI Cases – Why Are They Important?

Medical bills contain ICD codes (ICD stands for “International Classification of Disease”).  ICD codes provide a standardized method of classifying injuries, diseases, and causes of death.  They help medical insurance companies understand why the treatment provided was necessary, and are required on every claim submission.  There have been ten versions of ICD codes, and ICD-10 has approximately 70,000 codes, many of which relate to personal injuries.

Personal injury ICD codes are important to personal injury cases because insurance companies utilize them when assessing the value of claims.  Many insurance companies use software, such as Colossus, which assess personal injury cases.  Insurance adjusters input data, including ICD codes, into the programs to analyze and calculate the settlement value of a case.

Therefore, in order to receive the highest possible settlement offer from the insurance company, it is important to include the personal injury ICD codes in the demand letters.  This makes it easy for the adjuster to input the ICD codes into their software and analyze the claim submitted.

At AcroDocz, we specialize in preparing the portion of the demand letter containing information regarding medical treatment and bills, including the ICD codes.  If you would like to utilized our services or have any questions, please contact us at (786) 633-3100 or

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