Mass Tort litigation – how outsourcing retrieval and review of medical records can help small and mid-size firms enter this practice area

Mass Tort litigation is very labor-intensive and cost-prohibitive for many law firms, especially small to mid-size firms. AcroDocz’s services provide law firms of all sizes with the opportunity and ability to bring Mass Tort cases.

Retrieval and review of medical records for Mass Tort cases require personnel who have the expertise, as it is a multifaceted process. The steps involved in the retrieval and review of medical records include:

  • Requesting medical records and bills from multiple doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers;
  • Tracking responses for the requested information;
  • Collecting and organizing the records received;
  • Reviewing and understanding the medical records and bills; and
  • Summarizing the information contained in the medical records and bills in a format that is easy to navigate.

The process of retrieving and reviewing medical records for Mass Tort cases can be complicated given the many plaintiffs involved and the severity of the injuries, which may require treatment by various physicians and healthcare providers at multiple locations. Even a law firm with a considerable amount of in-house staff would need to expend substantial resources and laboron the tasks associated with retrieval and review of medical records.

By outsourcing medical records retrieval and review to AcroDocz, law firms can bring Mass Tort cases without the need for a large support staff to handle the retrieval, review, and summary of volumes of medical records and bills. Instead, law firms can utilize AcroDocz’s services while focusing their in-house resources on other important case-related tasks, such as investigating and proving liability, causation, and damages.

AcroDocz comprises medical record retrievers and reviewers adept at retrieving and organizing medical records and bills and developing effective Medical Chronologies & Medical Narrative Summaries that highlight the key points for utilization in Mass Tort cases. AcroDocz’s team offers law firms the scale and necessary expertise to review large volumes of medical records, thereby helping reduce the costs of Mass Tort litigation and allowing small and mid-size to enter the field.

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