Importance of an Accurate Summary of Medical Records

A summary of medical records contains an overview of every interaction that a patient has with a healthcare provider.  It is vital that the summary includes all important aspects of the medical treatment provided to the patient.

If the summary of medical records does not contain all of the relevant information, when reviewing it you may miss or overlook an important fact, ailment, or condition.  Missing even one detail could prevent you from proving damages or causation, and at times, liability. Ultimately, a summary that does not adequately or accurately present the patient’s treatment information may derail a case or result in a loss.

AcroDocz’s summaries provide a concise, factual, and informative summary of the patient’s medical treatment, and can be utilized at any stage of a case. For example, a summary can be used to prepare a pre-litigation demand letter, prepare for a mediation, deposition, or trial.  To view a sample summary please contact us at or (786) 633-3100.

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