How Can Outsourcing Help Malpractice Attorneys?

Medical records are vital to malpractice cases.  Without records, the injured party may not be able to prove the negligence of the healthcare provider or establish damages. It is therefore important to ensure that a full and complete copy of all the injured party’s medical records is obtained.

And, it is imperative that all of the records are reviewed closely. Missing any records or overlooking information contained in the records can result in losing or winning a malpractice case.

Outsourcing the retrieval, organization, review, and summary of medical records can greatly benefit a law firm pursuing a malpractice case. Typically, a malpractice case involves obtaining medical records from numerous healthcare providers.  A records retrieval service provider has a team that can scale up depending on the need and size of the case so that the records can be retrieved quickly and efficiently. Also, the team can ensure that full and complete copies of the records, certified by the healthcare provider, are obtained.

In addition, the service provider can have the records reviewed and summarized in a report, detailing the diagnosis and treatment as well as all other relevant information. Having a report containing all of the patient’s medical information can assist the attorney in analyzing the case, determining liability, causation, and damages. Reports can also be used to identify or isolate certain evidence supporting the claim of malpractice. And, the report can be used to prepare for a deposition, mediation, or trial.

Acrodocz brings you a team with extensive experience retrieving, organizing, reviewing, and summarizing medical records.  Our pricing is straightforward and there are no hidden fees.

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