Americans are let down by drug company error

On December 9th, the FDA announced a nationwide recall by a pharmaceutical distributor because of a “product mix-up” which resulted in sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, “inadvertently packaged together” with trazodone tablets, which treats major depressive disorders.

The unintentional taking of either medication could pose health risks and result in serious side effects. The side effect of the accidental taking of sildenafil need not be mentioned. However, in all seriousness, the adverse effects of prescription medication’s unintentional use could cause life-altering harm. In addition to physical damage, it can cause long term emotional distress.

At AcroDocz, one of the services we provide is a Medication Chart. The Medication Chart summarizes the medications taken by a patient and the side effects of each medication. Often, the side effects of drugs and their importance to a case are overlooked by attorneys. For example, the side effects could be relevant to the cause of an accident or the worsening of an underlying condition. Therefore, if your client or the defendant was taking medications at the time of an accident, you must have a full understanding of the types of medications and the side effects.

***The FDA’s notice about the recall is located here:

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